Apparel Manufacturers

We have been in the wholesale market for apparel manufacturers since 1998, and we help the garment manufacturing business for the wholesale market, fashion designers, and private label business owners around the clock. 

Our customer service team is highly skilled in listening to customers' needs and trying to identify the needs of customers' apparel suppliers to make sampling and production plans. Next, we offered customers a choice of material selection to ensure the success of their clothing lines or brands.

Clothing manufacturers that specialize in athletic or sportswear

For customer product development, our team will work with you to create technical drawings and technical briefs that will bring your design ideas to life on paper. They will also guide you on how to create, edit and publish. As a apparel supplier, we strive to please our customers.

Manufacturers that produce custom clothing for businesses or organizations

Our team works with a network of local suppliers to provide you with a wide range of zippers, buttons, ideas, trims and fabrics for your clothing line. There are also designs, concepts, trims and color options that suit our customers.

High-end fashion brands that manufacture their own clothing in-house

Before cutting and sewing your samples, our specialized sampling lines and well-skilled staff mostly need 2 weeks to make the paper patterns and grade the sizes. We deliver samples to clients for approval before making the final bulk clothing supply after producing them.

Clothing companies that outsource their production to factories in other countries

After taking your samples, our production growth team will check them for possibility and benefit. SDF apparel suppliers have an educated quality control (QC) team. Therefore, we gave our customers the best control to measure the success of each method.

Manufacturers that create sustainable and eco-friendly clothing

To minimize the matter of shrinkage, garment suppliers send their garments to the wash in advance. Any changes to items such as condition, size, print, color, and fit will be made in pre-production samples before production starts.

Production lines that create clothes using automated machinery

apparel suppliers trust that single packaging is important for the clothing line because we follow the standard packaging process before packing. To be specific, each garment is steamed, folded, and wrapped in polythene bags and packs.

Garment suppliers that provide materials to clothing manufacturers

In the world of apparel suppliers, we have many shipping options for fashion brands. We can ship by sea, air, economy, and express. We can give you a big discount if you weigh more than 30 kg per package. We also have different shipping channels. We can choose the best one for you. We usually ship by DHL, TNT, UPS, and Aramex, which takes 3-5 days to arrive.

Apparel factories that specialize in manufacturing specific types of clothing

Apparel suppliers ensure the quality testing and production time of your garment until mass production. Each customer of the supplier of new clothes can work directly with the company manager, who will always be present during the production process. It takes us 4 weeks to finish mass production.

Textile mills that produce garments on a large scale

Apparel Manufacturers are garment manufacturers based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We are experts in providing custom apparel for clients and clothing brands all over the world. We know how to make it easy for you. We produce and sell high-quality and luxury collections from sustainable yarns such as Italian merino, Scottish cashmere, cotton, linen, and more. We have access to recycled cotton blend yarns, synthetic yarns, and blends with a low minimum order quantity and quick turnaround.

Clothing manufacturers

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