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Empowering Your Apparel Business with Ethical and Sustainable Manufacturing, We are a leading garment and apparel manufacturer in Dhaka, Bangladesh, specializing in high-quality, ethically produced clothing for everyone. We offer a wide range of custom clothing manufacturing services, catering to both established brands and startups. Our commitment to sustainable apparel manufacturing extends throughout our production process, using eco-friendly materials whenever possible. Whether you need custom activewear like yoga leggings, joggers, sports bras, or tank tops, we can bring your vision to life. We also manufacture a variety of everyday wear, including plus-size clothing and casual wear.

Why Choose SDF Clothing?

Ethical and Sustainable Practices We prioritize responsible manufacturing and minimize our environmental impact, ensuring fair wages for our employees.

Custom Clothing Manufacturing We collaborate with you to create unique clothing lines that reflect your brand identity.

High-Quality Production We use premium materials and skilled craftsmanship for stylish and durable garments.

All Sizes, All Styles We offer a wide range of sizes to ensure inclusivity in your clothing line.

Wholesale Quantities & Fast Turnaround We cater to businesses of all sizes and deliver orders on time and within budget.

How SDF Clothing Can Help Your Apparel Business

Looking to create a custom clothing line or source high-quality, ethically made apparel at wholesale prices? SDF Clothing is your one-stop solution. We offer a comprehensive range of services to meet your specific needs

Custom Clothing Design and Production Bring your vision to life with our design expertise and manufacturing capabilities.

Private Label Clothing Manufacturing Develop your own unique brand with private label options.

Wholesale Clothing Distribution Access high-quality, ethically made garments in bulk quantities.

Apparel Sourcing and Logistics We handle the sourcing and logistics, allowing you to focus on your brand.

What Makes SDF Clothing Different?

We are committed to being more than just an apparel manufacturer. Here's what sets us apart

Sustainable and Ethical Practices We prioritize responsible manufacturing practices, minimizing our environmental impact and ensuring fair wages for our employees.

Focus on Inclusivity We offer a wide range of sizes to ensure your clothing line caters to everyone.

Expertise in Activewear We specialize in manufacturing high-quality activewear, including yoga leggings, joggers, sports bras, and more.

Commitment to Social Responsibility

For every SDF clothing purchase, $0.05 will be donated to a charity organization (GAMCS LTD) involved in various helping projects. Our commitment to helping others extends beyond donations.

Maintaining the Highest Standards

Employee Well-being We ensure fair working conditions, including reasonable working hours, educational opportunities for employees' children, health care insurance, and a safe work environment with fire safety measures, emergency exits, proper washrooms, and a fire fighting team. We even have a childcare center for employees with young children.

Employee Rights We are committed to protecting our employees' fundamental rights, including participation in a labor union, fair wages and benefits, and freedom from discrimination and harassment.

Employee Compensation Our workers receive a minimum salary exceeding 23,000 BDT, excluding overtime pay. We offer a transparent salary structure with house rent allowance, medical benefits, festival bonuses, and overtime pay. Salaries are paid within the first five working days of every month.

Employee Health We prioritize employee health with weekly health checks, on-site doctors for primary care, and partnerships with hospitals for advanced medical needs. We also ensure all employees have various types of industrial insurance.

Looking for a Reliable and Ethical Apparel Manufacturer?

Contact SDF Clothing today to discuss your custom clothing manufacturing needs or source high-quality, ethically made apparel for your business.

Business Centre

House 125 Road 01 Baridhara Dhaka-1212

Business Hours

Monday-Friday 09am, 05pm

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