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We are a garment and apparel manufacturer that makes products for everyone. Our products are good for women and men. Our products are also aimed at being inclusive of almost all sizes and body types. Activewear such as leggings, tops, long sleeve t-shirts, sports bras, underwear, bras, and streetwear are among our most popular items.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We can only do small things with great love *mother teresa* for every sdf clothing purchase, $0.05 will be donated to a charity organization (gamcsltd) involved in various helping projects. Our commitment to helping others extends beyond donations

SDF Clothing: Make Sure That

Fire extinguisher

For each garment, we have installed an extinguisher system in every 1000 square feet of floor space, and where fire may occur due to combustible materials other than inflammable liquids, electrical equipment, and ignitable metals, we have installed soda acid or equivalent type portable extinguishers at a rate of one for every 5000 square feet of space.

Emergency exit

Every factory has an emergency exit for the safety of all employees in the event of an emergency. We are dead set on building a factory without an emergency exit. Every month, we hold a fire drill as a practice to ensure a safe exit in the event of an incident.

Wash room and dressing rooms

In every establishment, we provide sufficient separate washrooms and latrines for males and females. All the employees have access to latrines at all times. The restrooms and latrines are clean and sanitary, well-lit and ventilated, and have running water at all times. We have a dressing room in every factory for female employees.

Fire fighting team

Our 20% of employees are trained and knowledgeable about fire extinguishers and the steps to take in an emergency. Every month, we arrange a demo emergency evacuation session for employees.

Child care center

We have and maintain a child care center for the use of children under the age of six (six) years of such women in every establishment where more than 40 (forty) female ordinarily employed women work. In office time and off time, mothers can feed their children and also spend time with them.

Salary payment of employee

Our workers' minimum salary is 15,000 BDT, which excludes overtime. Our salary structure is: basic + 40 percent house rent + 3,000 BDT for medical. We serve two festival bonuses, and every festival bonus is equal to his or her basic salary. If he or she works overtime, we pay an additional 200% of the base salary for each hour worked. Every month, we pay salaries within the first five working days.

Medical support for employee

We are aware we must provide medical support for our employee. We have a policy to check every employee's health every week. In addition, in the event of an emergency, our doctors provide primary care for the employee, and for more advanced care, we seek assistance from the BGMEA hospital and government medical center.

Insurance of employees

We are barely aware of and always ensure all kinds of industrial insurance, where our priority areas are employee medical and health insurance, asset insurance, fire insurance, and natural disaster insurance.

Fundamental rights of our employees

We are struggling to protect our employees' fundamental rights, such as participation in a labor union and freedom of association, working hours, wages, benefits, the right to leave our factory, gender discrimination, physical and mental harassment, and so on.

Business Centre

House 125 Road 01 Baridhara Dhaka-1212

Business Hours

Monday-Friday 09am, 05pm

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