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The ready-made garments sector helped establish so many stores, outlets, outfit shops, boutiques, designers, fashion brands, second-hand stores, retailers, distributors, and many more. We work for H&M, Zara, Next, Target, and many more brands. Bangladesh is the epicenter of quality clothing manufacturers for low-cost garments.

Our customer service team is highly skilled at listening to customers who are trying to finding a clothing manufacturer needs and trying to identify the needs of customers' apparel suppliers to make sampling and production plans. Next, we offered customers a choice of material selection to ensure the success of their clothing lines or brands.

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Customer product development Our skilled team first flows up the tech packs for chemical, yarn, fabrics, knitting, dying, and washing processes before developing client businesses for ready-made garment shops, brands, retail, e-commerce, and merchandising businesses. Using customer ideas, our sustainable production team strives to implement the apparel manufacturing revolution.

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Our global sourcing network is all over the world, and we are very closely connected to dozens of qualified suppliers and manufacturers for sourcing textile fabrics, garment accessories, and trims. We source them from our global sourcing network and collect them to use for our customers' private label clothing brands and clothing lines to make the fashion brands a unique merchandise business.

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Our stratified sampling process is very simple. We want to get client confirmation before starting bulk production, and and manufacturing services the bulk production must be correct as per the client's needs, so our sample development team is highly skilled to make garment samples. Because our garment factory is a composite garment mill, we can deliver samples within 2 weeks for your outfits clothing store, fashion labels as well as fix any issues that arise, and we do our best to make clients' apparel businesses appropriate for their lifestyles.

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Our quality-testing process is very common in the textile manufacturing industries, and we take very few steps to deliver commercial merchandise to customers. Every custom clothing manufacturers must test shade, colorfastness, symmetry, size fitting, ogos, printings, markings fastness, fabric weight, fastener fatigue, wash, seam slippage, needle damage, barcodes, burn tests, and so on. We ensure every article of apparel made according to AQL, QMS, and TQM is done.

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We ensure that clients are aware of final bulk garment production and confirm with pre-production that clients can be sure about the cost of a garment, pattern making, size grading, sourcing raw materials, process planning, and quality check as per clothing manufacturers' duty to product management prior to final bulk apparel production. to provide high-quality garments with the desired style and design.

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We know the packaging is very important for fashion brands, designers, clothing lines, and private labels delivering garments and fashion products to clients. We have garment and textile packaging solutions with papers, plastic, boxes, bags, and poly bags with printed logo branding that provide quality and reliability for a wide range of apparel and garment industrial packaging applications.

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In the world of garment manufacturers, we have many shipping options for garments, apparel, textiles, and fashion brands. We have the ability to ship by sea, air, cheap, and express. We can offer a cheap option for the garments, apparel, fashion, and clothing items if the packages are more than 30 kg per parcel. We also have different shipping channels. We can choose the best one for you. We usually ship by DHL, TNT, UPS, and Aramex, which takes 3-5 days to arrive. with clothing product insuranceÂ

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Garment manufacturers make sure the quality testing and production time of your garment are known before mass production. In our garment factory, we have a team for each line of clothing that checks every item of clothing in the factory during the garment production process. However, it takes us 4 to 6 weeks to complete the production of 300 pieces of garments, but in most cases, the lead time is determined by the styles, designs, and quantities.

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We do recycled cotton blend yarns, synthetic yarns, and blends with a low minimum order quantity (MOQ) and quick turnaround. for small fashion businesses or startups, as well as our global service. Our garment factory is based in Bangladesh, and our export market is all over the world. We have design offices in the UK, Australia, South Africa, the United States, and Denmark, and we ensure all country fashion apparel delivery confirmations are sent correctly to our clients.

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