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Wholesale custom clothing manufacturers clothing manufacturers in Bangladesh. produce the best quality apparel merchandise with a low MOQ and cheap prices for wholesalers, fast fashion outfits, garments, retailers, fashion designers, dropshippers, vintage clothes shops, ralali wholesale, and distributors. We also help to grow private label and fashion brands.

Our support team hears the needs of wholesalers, retailers, fashion designers, and distributors for producing wholesale clothing, from sampling to finishing the manufacturing process with labels, tags, and packaging, and we also support other trims of the process as needed by the clients. We also share any pros and cons with them in order to resolve any issues before we make a client's budget base production plan for every outfits aesthetic garments.

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As per the wholesale clothing suppliers, once we receive designs, tech packs, or images with the customer's logo, label tags, and designs from retailers, importers, fashion designers, and distributors, we start working on all styles, fabrics, sizes, yarn, binding, coverstitching, bagging, etc. needed, and then we start working on the buyer's budget to offer the best and cheapest price for all designs and styles to deliver the best quality merchandise apparel.

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We care for customers' designs or styles based on NDAs to keep every dropshipper, retailer, importer, and fast fashion outfit idea secure, and we require design and tech packs from retailers, fashion designers, and distributors to ensure wholesale clothes are produced as per customer requirements. If we require design support, our design team will help make it based on the customer's ideas.

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Patterns are created first, followed by sampling, bulk production, finishing, and quality testing. Every step and process in the clothing manufacturing process has an impact on the tech packs. We make patterns within 2 days after receiving information from customers, and we have our own stock pattern for all countries—men's, women's, and kids' clothes. Our cutting team is skilled with streetwear, vintage clothes, polyester, and polyamide fabric and cuts clothing. Patterns

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We have our own stock garment pattern and grading guide based on all countries' human body measurements for men's, women's, and children's outfits that we adjust, change, and grade based on the buyer's country of origin. Our clothing factory normally takes no more than one day to complete the pattern grading for our wholesale OEM clothing and textile customers.

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Our wholesale clothing network is all over the world, and we are linked with over 5,000 textile production sector suppliers of yarn, polyamide, polyester, cotton, silk, twill, knit, woven fabrics, trims, accessories, knitting, dying, washing, and so on. We receive products from qualified suppliers or manufacturers we also accept products from buyers if clients have selected suppliers for their vintage store or clothes shop.

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We make samples for client approval, and before starting bulk production, we make sure that the bulk production is accurate and in deal with the client's needs for outfit stores, retailers, ralali wholesale, importers, and vintage stores. So we help with the prototype, fit, size set, counter, salesman, pre-production, top overproduction sample, and finally the shipment sample.

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According to the clothing manufacturing sector, our quality control processes are very simple with satisfaction from the quality team. We check every garment in the production line, and our team follows the standard quality guide with color shading, colorfastness, symmetry, size fitting, ogos, printings, markings fastness, fabric weight, fastener fatigue, wash, seam slippage, needle damage, barcodes, burn tests, etc. We ensure every garment made on AQL, QMS, and TQM is completed.

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Bulk production is the final stage of our wholesale clothing manufacturing process. We require lead times that depend on the design, styles, quantity, quality testing requirements, and so on for displaying in clothing stores, showrooms, shops for OEM wholesale importers, retailers' apparel merchandise for production. We take 4 to 6 weeks to complete small-quantity production of 300 pieces per design or style.

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Our delivery network is all over the world, using air and sea transit. We use delivery methods based on the buyer's needs. We deliver all the samples using our speedup partners, TNT, Aramex, DHL, and FedEx, who deliver the goods within 150 hours. Based on the customers budgets, share shipping lines, forwarders, and shipping company information with buyers this will also help with insurance, customs clearance, duty, and documents with tax.

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We believe our small contribution makes a big impact on the environment, society, and a person's life. Since 1998, we have been in the clothing manufacturing business, and we build our own non-governmental organizations. Our primary goal is to change Bangladesh with our small contribution. We donate 60% of our profits to tree planting and 10% to people with disabilities. 10% for homeless shelter and 20% for education We also give our rejected clothes to homeless people.

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