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SDF Clothing producers low-cost wholesale clothing for women, children, and men, as well as custom clothing. Our skills and cost-effective planning help us keep our pricing very low. We are one of the best private-label clothing producers. At clothing producers, we also meet the needs of organic private label customers.

Smart Printing Solution

SDF Clothing provides all kinds of clothing printing. Please read the article to gain knowledge of textile printing and processing.

Printing is another part of wet processing technology. Printing is carried out after pre-treatment of the fabric or after dyeing the fabric. Printing is carried out to produce attractive designs on fabric or other materials. The printing is described as "localized dyeing," i.e., dyes or pigments are applied locally or discontinuously to produce the various attractive designs on fabric. The main objectives of printing are the production of attractive designs with well-defined boundaries made by the artistic arrangement of a motif or motifs in one or more colors. Printed fabrics are well protected from friction and washing if dyes or pigments are applied properly to the fiber. A strong bond is formed between dyes and fiber.

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