SDF Clothing:Leading the Way in Sustainable and Innovative Apparel Manufacturing (Bangladesh)?

In today's fashion world, consumers increasingly demand stylish and ethically-produced clothing. SDF Clothing, a leading Bangladeshi garment manufacturer established in 1998, stands out for its commitment to sustainable practices and high-quality apparel production. They offer a full-service experience, catering to businesses of all sizes, from established fashion houses to budding entrepreneurs

Your One-Stop Shop for Apparel Needs: Whether you're looking to create a new clothing brand or expand your existing clothing line, SDF Clothing has you covered. They offer a vast array of clothing products, including

  • Tops:
  • T-shirts, button-up shirts, blouses, tank tops, sweaters (pullovers, cardigans), hoodies, tunics, crop tops, and more
  • Bottoms:
  • Jeans (skinny, straight, bootcut), trousers (chino, dress pants), leggings, skirts (mini, midi, maxi), shorts (denim, cargo), sweatpants, culottes, and more
  • Dresses:
  • Maxi dresses (flowing, fitted), midi dresses (casual, office-appropriate), mini dresses (party, everyday), shift dresses (simple, patterned), wrap dresses (flattering, feminine), sheath dresses (professional, elegant), A-line dresses (versatile, flattering), and more

    Their expertise in cut and sew manufacturing allows them to create any style you can imagine, from classic staples to trendy pieces. Their team is dedicated to exceptional customer service, ensuring a smooth journey from concept to final product.

    Sustainable Innovation at the Forefront SDF Clothing understands the importance of sustainable fashion. They are constantly innovating in their manufacturing processes to minimize their environmental impact. This includes utilizing recycled materials and implementing eco-friendly practices. Their commitment to ethical production ensures fair working conditions throughout the supply chain

    A Global Partner for Businesses of All Sizes SDF Clothing boasts a well-established global network, partnering with businesses worldwide. They offer flexible minimum order quantities (300 pcs), making them ideal for both small businesses and larger companies. For those seeking private label clothing production, SDF Clothing offers a comprehensive solution, allowing you to build your brand with confidence

    Why Choose SDF Clothing? Here's what sets SDF Clothing apart
    Unwavering commitment to sustainability

    High-quality clothing production

    Full-service experience for all your apparel needs

    Custom clothing and private label options

    Flexible minimum order quantities

    Ethical production practices

    Global network and seamless logistics

    Ready to take your apparel business to the next level? Contact SDF Clothing today.

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    House 125 Road 01 Baridhara Dhaka-1212

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    Monday-Friday 09am, 05pm

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    Your One-Stop Shop for Apparel Needs

    Sustainable Innovation at the Forefront

    A Global Partner for Businesses of All Sizes

    Why Choose SDF Clothing?