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Bangladesh-based apparel merchandise manufacturers produce merchandise such as face masks and designer brands for customers all over the world. Stickers, baseball caps, hats, embroidered sweatshirts, hoodies, tote bags, home decor or home textiles, leisurewear, T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatpants, waistcoats, fitness apparel, and many more are mostly items exported to retail companies, designers, and fashion brands.

SDF Clothing Manufacturers have a very strong, skilled team for sorting out every need of customers in the clothing manufacturing industry specilly, who find a clothing manufacturer, Our team works very closely with clients on design, packaging, logos, embroidery, printing, labels, tags, packing, quality, sizing, grading, fabrics, trims, and materials, as well as focusing on their needs from apparel sampling to finishing bulk production, including lead time.

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Every merchandise manufacturer needs tech packs from customers to produce clothes for the clients' brands of private label clothing lines. In the teaching packs, every aspect of garment manufacturing solutions and design is covered, such as size, care labels, artwork placement, fabric detailing, packing guides, etc. Our in-house designer completes the technical packs for finalizing the fashion brand merchandise designs before beginning cutting patterns in manufacturing services.

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Pattern making is a very important stage of making an accurate client style or design for every garment item such as baseball caps, hats, sweatshirts, hoodies, tote bags, leisurewear, T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatpants, waistcoats, seamed caps, and many more. It is important to make sure the size and grading are correct before producing a prototype of your apparel design or mockup in order to produce high quality clothing manufacturers.

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Our merchandising department is very busy working with clients' tech packs to make sure the sample production is done the right way to maintain the quality standard. Our merchandising team is very expert at producing samples within 2 weeks. and we move on to the next process for your start-up brand's private label clothing manufacturing. screen printing on all types of clothing

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Our merchandising team's best quality for control (QC) team So, we promise our customers that we will deliver all of the merchandise we produce, including high-quality clothing, and that we will have the necessary control to track the progress of each order. We make sure that all needed stuff is tested in a timely manner, either by trusted testing institutes or internally with TAP, AQL,

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We source materials for clients' needs, such as button, zipper, interlining, lining, Velcro, fabrics, elastic, cord, ribbon, toggles, rivets, collar bones, and many more that clients can hunt down from suppliers. We have a global network in the apparel manufacturing industry to get all the accessories and trims faster at our clothing factory to complete bulk production.

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We accept low order quantities in a few styles and items such as onesies, jumpsuits, rompers, hijabs, night clothes, hosiery, camisoles, lingerie, underwear, cloaks, scarves, shawls, waistcoats, hats, face masks, tops, blouses, crop tops, shirts, tank tops, bloomers, Roblox t-shirts, and many more. Our minimum order quantity is 300 pieces of each style. Every product will be delivered with the client's logo, print, label, tags, and branding.

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We produce the best-quality custom clothing based on our clients' merchandise requirements. We offer to have every single detail selected from the client's side to make the apparel completely Custom clothing line hese include a variety of fabrics, embroidery, print, trims, fit, and end options such as labels and buttons, tags, branding, and packing, assisting you in making your clothing line a reality through our overseas clothing manufacturers product development process.

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Our production, cutting, quality, supervision, and sourcing teams are very skilled at bulk production, and our rejection percentage is 3% of the items: shorts, sweatshirts, hoodies, skirts, activewear, swimsuits, bikinis, overalls, dresses, gowns, jumpsuits, suits, uniforms, outfits, a bathrobe, swaddling clothes, an apron, an ascot, a cravat, a sash, and a tie. However, our production lead times vary depending on the client's design, style, and items, but we typically require 4 to 6 weeks to complete apparel bulk production.

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Our clothing factory is in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and in the garment industry, Bangladesh is the world's 2nd largest merchandise manufacturer. As a clothing factory, we help lots of fashion brands, fashion designers, and startup clothing business owners with our low minimum order quantity of 300 pieces and fast delivery of sample and bulk orders. We make sure that all garments are manufactured in our factory with high quality before they are delivered to clients.

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