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SDF Clothing producers low-cost wholesale clothing for women, children, and men, as well as custom clothing. Our skills and cost-effective planning help us keep our pricing very low. We are one of the best private-label clothing producers. At clothing producers, we also meet the needs of organic private label customers.

Trims and accessories

According to all accounts, textures are not the only material used in the production of clothing. A few sorts of trimming are involved here for both ornamental and useful purposes. where some are called decorations and others are called extras. However, many people are unaware of the distinction between managers and extras. As an example of its importance, consider the following table, on which you can easily separate decorations and extras. We collect everything as per client demand.

Woven Labels

Woven Labels (Taffeta, satin, needle loom)

Printed Care Labels

Adhesive satin care content labels Labels on woven-edge satin fabric; Labels on slit-edge satin fabric; Labels on coated fabric

Printed bar codes, hang tags, or swing tickets

Rubber Patches

We are able to make any rubber patch from samples and artwork.

Poly Bags

Printed Care Labels

Business Centre

House 125 Road 01 Baridhara Dhaka-1212

Business Hours

Monday-Friday 09am, 05pm

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